A Fully Configured and Highly Productive Workspace. spacer

Based on your role, select a workspace, and get it up and running in a minute. No effort to configure your tools, no worries whether your computer has enough power, a lot of workflows automated out of the box for you.


Fully Configured Workspace

Whatever your work entails, it always requires a powerful enough computer with all the proper tools and applications that make up your workspace installed and configured.

Imagine instead that you could simply open a workspace in a web browser on a device of your choice that is already fully configured, has all the necessary computing power in place, and is ready for use immediately!

Each such workspace comes bundled with a number of apps. If you don't see an app you need you can always search through our app repository and install any additional apps.


High Degree of Workflow Automation

As you work on your projects, do you find yourself performing same old tasks over and over again?

What if your workspace had an easily searchable repository of such tasks with 100% automation? You would save time and effort and, above all, be able to execute such tasks with a higher degree of quality, as the automated task is not prone to typos, incorrectly entered information, or other types of human errors.


Workflow Extensibility

With our workspaces, not only can you leverage ready-to-use automated tasks - using our task development environment, you can create and automate your own tasks, and even combine them into simple or complex workflows with an equally high degree of automation.


Leverage the Power of the Cloud

If you are constrained by the power of your computer that is not the case with our workspaces. You can leverage our repository of tools workspaces.

Should you need a production- and enterprise-grade database, or web-server, or any other specialized tool that has to run reliably and in the most cost-effecient way you can get it up and running with just a few clicks.


AI-Powered Productivity

With the recent development of AI capabilities, we make sure to incorporate them into our workspaces and workflows that help further boost your productivity.

Whether you need to create good quality artifacts such as documentation, code, even an application, or troubleshoot your app, or optimize your code you do not need to step out of your workspace and use any 3rd-party service and then struggle to put a proper prompt and then to bring the result back. You can do it all seamlessly within the workspace and immediately consume the produced results.


Support of Team/Organization Workflows

If your tasks require collaboration with your teammates, it is time to leverage our capability to build and re-use workflows that involve activities from multiple workspaces.


Enterprise Grade Quality

Our platform is designed from ground up with focus on security, scalability, and resilience.

The platform leverages enterprise grade tools such as Kubernetes and is based on key principles like Zero Trust, GitOps, Data Protection in Motion and at Rest, Automatic Backup and Recovery.